Kathie Lee Gifford channels Miley Cyrus, swings in on a wrecking ball for Halloween

/ Source: TODAY

If you thought you saw all there was to TODAY's Halloween spectacular when the anchors revealed their country superstar costumes, think again!

For the final hour of the show Tuesday, Kathie Lee Gifford took her Miley Cyrus impression to the next level — on top of a wrecking ball.

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Yes, the fearless KLG proved she didn't have anything to hide and put on a flesh-tone body suit, bright red lipstick and whole lot of attitude to reenact the memorable music video.

We're talking scene-for-scene perfection here — right down to licking a sledgehammer, just like Miley did for her 2013 "Wrecking Ball" hit.

It was a performance so epic that Hoda Kotb had to break out of her own Blake Shelton character to announce, "That was awesome!"


"I'm just so glad my mother's not alive to see that," Kathie Lee shot back.

But Cyrus' father caught it all.

Billy Ray Cyrus took the stage and yelled, "How many time do I have to tell you to stay off that wrecking ball?"

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Alas, we have a feeling this was a one-time treat.