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Katherine Schwarzenegger talks 'struggle' of finding the right person before Chris Pratt

"When you are able to actually see and realize why you go through something, it’s the best."
/ Source: TODAY

Like mother, like daughter.

Katherine Schwarzenegger made her debut as a guest TODAY co-host on Wednesday, sitting in with Hoda Kotb and mom, Maria Shriver, on TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.

She showed off her earrings that said “CP,” for her husband Chris Pratt.

When her mother said the initials were also for her brother, Schwarzenegger jumped in to correct her.

Katherine Schwarzenegger shows off her earrings bearing the initials of husband, Chris Pratt.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

“My brother’s initials are not CP, Mom. This is for my husband,” she laughed.

And while this marked the first time the duo has hosted a show together, Schwarzenegger couldn't help but notice their chemistry.

“I feel like it’s very natural for us,” she said.

She was also complimentary of her mom.

“She’s never looked better. It’s, like, truly incredible.”

Schwarzenegger and Shriver enjoy a laugh.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Hoda also shared a quote that was sent in by a viewer.

“Someday you will see that it wasn’t falling apart, it was falling into place,” Hoda read.

Schwarzenegger said she believes there is a lot of truth in that.

“I definitely felt that in my past, for sure,” she said, while relating the quote to her experience finding the right man. “You don’t know what’s going on, wonder why certain things are happening to you in your life and then later, they make sense and you’re like that’s exactly why.

“Waiting, it’s a struggle, I think to wait to figure out why that was happening. When you’re in the moment, you’re just very focused on getting through it and feeling it. And then when you are able to actually see and realize why you go through something, it’s the best.”

Schwarzenegger made her guest TODAY co-host debut with Hoda Kotb and mom, Maria Shriver, by her side.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

"She was saying, 'I waded through all these guys to finally find Chris (Pratt),'" Maria said.

"All these guys, mom?" Schwarzenegger replied laughing.

The 29-year-old said the quote can apply in many areas of life.

“With dating, with anything that you do, it’s like you have all these experiences — sometimes can be really challenging. And then especially with, you know, finding someone that you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, you find them and you’re like, that’s exactly why past things didn’t work out,” she said.

The animal lover and author also threw down the gauntlet — or at least the 9-iron — for Rob Lowe, after the actor called out her golf game in a recent "Entertainment Tonight" interview in which he discussed how he hits the links with Pratt.

"I have yet to actually learn how to golf... I don't golf well," she admitted.

But Schwarzenegger and Pratt did issue a challenge to Rob and his wife, Sheryl!

"Chris and I have done this. We've challenged Rob and Sheryl to a double's match of tennis in which we will 100% destroy them," she said.

Hmm — sounds like there's no love-love lost there.