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Katherine Heigl reportedly adopting baby girl says she will become mom to 10-month-old Nayleigh from Korea.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Katherine Heigl will become a mom this week, according to RadarOnline.

The Web site reported that the adoption process for a baby girl, 10-month-old Nayleigh from Korea, began at least six months ago. The girl’s nickname will be Leigh.

A rep for the star did not immediately return calls from Access Hollywood.

Earlier this summer, the “Grey’s Anatomy” star told Access’ Shaun Robinson that she and musician husband Josh Kelley were “working on” adoption in between their busy schedules.

“Soon-ish, maybe,” she said. “We’re working on it. It’s just we are super crazed… Neither one of us want to give up our careers, neither one of us want to, you know, just be parents, but you have to slow down a little bit in order to devote the time that’s needed.”

While many stars have explored adoption, it’s nothing new to Heigl.

“My sister (Meg) is Korean,” she explained at the time. “My parents adopted her in the ‘70s. I just grew up that way and she’s one of my bestest friends and she’s my sister, too, and I just felt like I kind of want that in my family, too.”