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Katherine Heigl: Josh and I are 'obnoxious parents'

The former "Grey's Anatomy" star speaks about her experiences as the anxious new mother to her adopted baby daughter, Naleigh.
/ Source: Us Weekly

Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley were anxious when adopted daughter Naleigh wasn’t walking at 17 months.

"I think Josh and I started to get like those obnoxious parents that are a little, like, 'What's wrong with her? Why isn't she walking yet? What are we doing wrong?'" Heigl, 31, told of her adopted daughter, now 20 months. "Now we're, like, pushing her all day: start walking! But I figured we're probably fine. She'll start walking."

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But there are perks to having Naleigh — who underwent open heart surgery as an infant due to a congenital heart defect — not running around yet.

"[Then] I'll be like, 'Why can't she sit down and play quietly in the corner?'" laughs Heigl.

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Her latest milestone: "She is starting to talk a little bit more," Heigl says. "She says Dada all the time. Of course that was her first word... She points at me and says 'Dada' too. She thinks anyone she loves is Dada. I will her to say Mama!"

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Another fave phrase: "She goes, 'Oh yeah' all the time.. I think Josh and I do that a lot when we talk about things and she picked it up."