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'A cautionary tale': Katherine Heigl twists ankle due to walking while texting

The actress warned about the dangers of texting and walking down stairs after a tumble ended with her in a brace.
/ Source: TODAY

Katherine Heigl is living proof that texting while walking down stairs is a bad idea.

The former "Grey's Anatomy" star took a tumble recently while multitasking and ended up in a brace after twisting her right ankle, which she showed on Instagram.

"Twisted my ankle at work a couple of weeks ago trying to walk down stairs and text at the same time,'' she wrote. "Let the fact that I’m still icing this sucker be a cautionary tale to all you obsessive NOT walk and text, drive and text, talk and text, run and text, workout and text, drink and text...basically just don’t do anything else while texting!"

Heigl, 39, has taken her fall with a sense of humor, adding a quote in her Instagram post about it taking nine months to grow a human baby, but when it comes to healing from a twisted ankle, it takes "7 years and it will never be the same."

It's no surprise she was multitasking given that the "Unforgettable" actress has a full plate with her two daughters and 1-year-old son as well as guest starring in the latest season of "Suits" on USA Network.

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