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Katharine ready to return to ‘Idol’ tour

Runner-up dispels rumors that she was distancing herself from the show
/ Source: Access Hollywood

“American Idol” runner up Katharine McPhee walked away from the show nine weeks ago with a ton of buzz and a very bright future.

And then, the rumors began.

“People said I was lying and I was shooting a movie,” Katharine told Access Hollywood. “They would say ‘She thinks she's better than ‘American Idol.’’ It was all negative stuff and it's all untrue.”

Katharine, who will return to the “Idol” tour on Thursday, is back after a three-and-a-half- week hiatus as she was battling a bout of bronchitis and laryngitis.

“I had a little bruising to the vocal chords and I had to take time to heal,” Katharine revealed.

But what was the cause? Could her history of bulimia be to blame?

“I spoke with my doctor and he said absolutely not. There has been no damage thus far from the disorder,” she explained. “It's been a year since my last episode of those things. I'm free and clear of that stuff.”

And with that, McPheever is ready to spike again.

She's just signed on as the first spokesperson for Big Sexy hair products. She is a guest host on “The View” on Thursday and then it's back on tour with the “Idol” gang Thursday night.

“I'm not completely 100 percent. The doctor still wants me to take it easy, so I'm not going to do the whole section of six songs belting my face off. I will only be singing a few songs. I hope my fans will understand,” Katharine added.

One fan who is sure to be understanding is the Commander In Chief.

The “Idols” will hit the White House on Friday and Katharine isn't coming empty-handed when she meets President Bush.

“Maybe I'll get him some good jogging shoes,” she laughed.