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Katharine McPhee: 'Lots of drama' in new season of 'Smash'

Get ready! The blonde-bombshell-based musical series "Smash" is coming back with an all-new season, and according to leading lady Katharine McPhee, her character won't disappoint.

"This season, season two, it's really exciting to see (Karen) take some initiative," McPhee explained during a Tuesday morning visit to TODAY. "She's now Marilyn (Monroe in the production,) she's going to -- hopefully -- go to Broadway, and she's finding another opportunity to start another show on the side."

So, with everything coming up Karen, where does that leave the usual cutthroat drama that keeps fans tuned in?

"No more drama!" McPhee joked before adding, "And when I say no more drama, I mean lots of drama!"

Watch the clip above to see what else the actress had to say about what's to come, including her work with extended guest star and fellow "American Idol" alum Jennifer Hudson.

"Smash" kicks off with a two-hour season premiere Tuesday at 9 p.m. on NBC.

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