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Kate would swap fame to be home with kids

Kate Gosselin says she'd really rather be an unknown mom at home with her kids, but she needs her fame in order to support them.
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Fame isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, or so claims reality TV regular Kate Gosselin. Despite securing a new show and a series of specials to fill the gap “Jon and Kate Plus 8” left behind, the mom of multiples insists she would gladly swap it all to be home with her kids.

In an “On Air” interview, host Ryan Seacrest asked Gosselin if she would trade “the fame, the spotlight, the notoriety and the excessive paycheck” she gets from “Dancing With the Stars” for the amount of kid time her babysitter gets.

“In a micro-millisecond,” Gosselin shot back. “Because I love my kids, and I want to be with them. I'm the kind of mom that wants to be home with my kids.”

So why doesn’t she just hang up her “Dancing” shoes and say goodbye to the upcoming “A Twist of Kate” series and “Kate Plus 8” specials before they even begin? While that would certainly give Gosselin the time she claims to crave with the kids, it wouldn’t pay the bills.

“It's the working mom, single mom thing,” she said. “You have to be at work, because you have to provide for your kids. But really, my heart is at home.”

The rest of Gosselin can currently be found dividing her time between her “Dancing” duties and promoting her new book, “I Just Want You to Know: Letters to My Kids on Love, Faith and Family.”

Razzie co-founder didn’t mean to blame BullockGiven the recent tabloid twist her life has taken, now just isn’t the time to give Sandra Bullock any extra trouble. That’s something Razzie Award co-founder John Wilson learned after telling one paper he wanted the star to give back her award.

“We are ready to take the unprecedented step of asking a winner to return a Razzie,” Wilson told the Telegraph. “As Sandra was in such a rush after winning Worst Actress, she ran off with the original handmade prototype which has been present at ceremonies since the 1980s.”

After feeling the backlash from Bullock fans, Wilson explained that the award blunder wasn’t the actress’s fault.

“I made the mistake of offhandedly mentioning (in the original interview) that the award she walked off with was the original prototype,” Wilson told E! News. “What actually happened was that we didn't know Sandra was going to attend until about 10 minutes before she walked out on the stage.”

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Which is why Wilson handed her his beloved prototype, and not one of the spray-painted knockoffs the stars usually walk away with.

“It's really about the sentiment of it," Wilson said. "The one she has is the very first, the one I designed and handmade 30 years ago. This was not about 'if I get it back, I could sell it for how many pounds' or whatever.”

Does Lopez really support Conan?Those warm words of welcome George Lopez recently offered his future late night TBS lead-in might not be as sincere as they sounded.

“George was initially opposed to the idea of moving his time slot to make room for (Conan O’Brien) on TBS,” a source told the New York Post. “He was told that if he wasn't supportive, his show would not be renewed.”

But according to Lopez’s representative, that source doesn’t speak for anyone on any side of the shake-up.

“This information is false and fabricated,” the rep said.

Dish on the fly After yet another bout of “exhaustion” forced Susan Boyle to cancel an upcoming appearance, her family members fear she’s being controlled and isolated by individuals who don’t have her best interests at heart. “The Boyle family has made it very clear to Susan’s management that we neither trust nor approve of them,” the singer’s brother, Gerry Boyle, said in a quote published in the Daily Express. “The management who control Susan has kept her family away from her. It’s not an ideal situation.” … “Dr. 90210’s” Robert Rey believes Heidi Montag’s 10 cosmetic procedures in one day made for a few too many. “I would never have done more than three or four,” the surgeon told Us Weekly. “What worries me is the commentary she is making to young girls. My (9-year-old daughter, Sydney,) looks up to her and likes her. What message is she sending to young girls?” Which begs the follow-up question, “Has Dr. Rey seen his own show?”

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