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Kate rejects Jon’s ‘publicity stunt’ divorce delay

An insider tells Radar Online that Jon didn't even let Kate know in advance that he was putting the brakes on their divorce proceedings.
/ Source: contributor

Next time reality TV dad Jon Gosselin announces a press-friendly divorce delay, he might want to run it by his wife, Kate Gosselin. It seems the name-worthy half of the soon-to-be-“Kate Plus Eight” show has no interest in postponing their parting.

“Kate sees no reason to wait and drag this out,” an insider revealed to Radar Online. “She doesn’t think Jon is being sincere in his comments. She thinks it’s all a publicity stunt.”

On Tuesday, Jon Gosselin announced he intended to “put the brakes” on the pair’s planned divorce, believing a delay would allow them to “regain control over the future of (their) family.”

Jon’s grand gesture is merely a ploy, according to the source, who noted that the father of eight broadcast his plans to the press without a word of warning to Kate.

“If he meant any of it, he could have easily told her in person or on the phone,” the insider added. “Jon is trying to repair his public image.”

‘Lost’ star Michael Emerson can’t escape Ben Linus “Lost” baddie Ben Linus has long menaced the survivors of Oceanic 815, but according to Michael Emerson, the man behind the character, Ben’s power to pester reaches beyond the TV screen.

“I always sort of cringe when people say, you’re that creepy guy,” Emerson admitted in an interview with PopEater. “Sinister I can live with, that’s fine. But creepy is like someone you wouldn’t sit next to at a diner. I’m probably being sensitive about it.”

In fairness to Emerson, he has reason enough to feel sensitive. His ever-intense portrayal of the hit show’s presumed villain (you never really know with “Lost”) has led to some not-so-fun fan time.

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“I’ve had people scream, and drop what was in their hands when I’ve walked in,” the actor recalled. “The standard encounter is a girl and a guy walking together and the girl sees me and her eyes go all saucer-like and she clutches her man’s arms, pursing her lips together to keep from crying out. That actually happens a lot.”

Making matters worse for Emerson is the fact that even his wife, actress Carrie Preston, doesn’t want a hint of his on-screen alter-ego hanging around the house.

“My wife sees a very clear boundary between who I am and the character I play,” Emerson said. “(But Ben) freaks her out. She’ll say, don’t look at me like him.”

Dish on the fly Breakups are never easy, but according to country-pop singer Taylor Swift, getting over a lost love is even harder when the heartbreaker in question is a Jonas Brother. “(Easy?) Not when they’re on pencil sharpeners, T-shirts and the sides of buses, like Joe (Jonas)!” Swift explained in a quote posted to Showbiz Spy. “But, some day, I’ll find the right person (and) I won’t even remember the boy who broke up with me over the phone in 27 seconds.” … Various tabloids accused Scarlett Johansson of trading in her trademark curves for a much slimmer shape, but the actress insists the claims are too extreme to be believed. “There was this rumor mill cranking out stories that I had lost 14 pounds — I could never lose 14 pounds,” the star of the upcoming “Iron Man 2” revealed to Glamour magazine. … Though she’s better known for her unapologetic approach to artery-clogging comfort food, the Food Network’s Paula Deen recently shared her top beauty tips with Allure magazine. “I’m using some wonderful creams,” the “Home Cooking” star revealed. “My favorite is the one with the two C’s — Chanel. My makeup artist said, ‘You know, Paula, that cream is $350.’ I thought, ‘Holy crap.’ But it just makes your skin feel so good.” For those who find “the two C’s” too pricey, Deen offered a tip anyone could afford. “The thing that has helped my skin more than anything is being in my kitchen, constantly looking down into deep, hot pots,” she added. “The steam and heat keep my pores clean.”

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