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Kate and Owen may be rekindling romance

After a long break up, it looks as if Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson have rekindled their romance in Miami.

Reporters from celebrity magazines descended on Miami recently, all in search of the answer to the same question: Are Kate Hudson and Owen Wilson back together?

The very blond couple broke up without much explanation last June after a several-months-long relationship, but were pictured holding hands again in Miami where Wilson is shooting “Marley and Me” opposite Jennifer Aniston.

In Touch reports that the pair caught a movie at Miami Beach’s Regal Cinema on Lincoln Road on March 16, but they’re taking things slowly, according to an insider who spoke to the magazine.

In fact, the source said that Hudson stayed alone at a $2,500-a-night room at The Raleigh Hotel while Wilson stayed in the home he’s rented for the duration of filming.

Heather Mills didn’t donate all of ‘Dancing’ money
Among the many revelations in the judgment from the Heather Mills/Paul McCartney divorce case was that Mills did not donate all of her “Dancing With the Stars” earnings to charity as many people thought she would.

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According to the judge who handled the divorce case, Mills received about $200,000 and gave not quite half of that to Viva! USA, an animal rights organization. The irony, and what makes this even remotely interesting, is that Mills’ claimed during the divorce proceedings that she donated the majority of all the money she’s received in recent years.

Mills’ rep had no comment about whether this is all one big misunderstanding.

This day in pop-culture history
If you’re feeling weepy about “American Idol” favorite (or least favorite) Sanjaya Malakar today, there’s a good reason why.

March 21 marks the one-year anniversary since the mohawked Malakar serenaded little Ashley Ferl, a sweet-faced 13-year-old from Riverside, Calif., into an uncontrollable fit of sobbing that was broadcast more times than Chris Matthews’ disastrous dance with Ellen DeGeneres.

The tears have dried, but Ferl’s love for Malakar has not. She’s reportedly not as big a fan of this season of “Idol” because, you guessed it, “There’s no Sanjaya.”

Weekend box office
This weekend makes up for the ease of predicting last weekend’s No. 1 film at the box office. The big openers this weekend include “Drillbit Taylor,” which stars Owen Wilson. The actor carries the star weight of this film, but he hasn’t really done press for it, so it’s been flying under the radar.

“Shutter,” starring “Dawson’s Creek” alum Joshua Jackson opens on 2,700 screens, but it’s likely that generous opening is somehow tied into the theater deal made for “Horton.”

Finally, there is “Tyler Perry’s Meet the Browns.” The last Perry flick, “Why Did I Get Married,” was a surprise hit when it opened in October 2007. It made $21.4 million on approximately 2,011 theaters in its debut weekend. So the question is: Will “Horton” remain No. 1, or will the Perry flick silence the Whos? I’m going with “Horton.”