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Kate Middleton: Does Prince William Worry She's Too Much Like Princess Diana?

With that skinny figure, it's no question that Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, balked at the buffets while touring around Canada and Los Angeles.
/ Source: E!online

With that skinny figure, it's no question that Kate Middleton, aka the Duchess of Cambridge, balked at the buffets while touring around Canada and Los Angeles.

Thanks to her tiny little waist, the shrinking princess is majorly worrying the world with concerns that she might be walking in Princess Diana's footsteps, which were once plagued by eating issues.

But as it turns out, even Kate is starting to get a little freaked out by her image, too.

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"She has asked the question, 'Do you think this dress or that dress makes me appear too thin?' " a source at Buckingham Palace reveals. Our royal insider tells us Kate asks this question of her staff, including her personal lady-in-waiting.

Uh, honey? It's not the dress.

Back across the pond, everyone's abuzz with worry about Kate's weight; she's gone from "Waity Katie" to "Waify Katie" in the especially harsh British press.

"Of course, there is cause for concern about her weight," replied our palace source, when we asked. "Though, to my knowledge, this has not yet been expressed either directly to her or to William."

Added our excellent Brit insider (dryly): "I can tell you they are aware of public concerns that she is too thin. We've all seen the same photos from their tour of Canada and Los Angeles, haven't we?"

And while Kate was waif-like on her Royal North American Tour, we hear Wills is on the case.

"She appears noticeably thinner than this time a year or so ago, and this is something she, Prince William and their household staff are aware of," assures our royal insider. "Privately, I would imagine William is very anxious that his new wife is not suffering from the same issues that plagued his mother."

And as if comparing Kate to Di isn't already a dangerous enough endeavor, this is where things also start to get a little weird with Deep Buckingham, who cautions that Kate's new jetset lifestyle may be to blame for her shrinking frame.

"One must remember, however, that they both enjoy regular exercise and have pretty much been on the move constantly with official duties since returning from the honeymoon," insists our private palace source. "Members of the royal family do not lead sedentary lives in the modern age, and being on the go all the time, most have slender physiques."

Most? Hmmm. Seen Prince Andrew lately?

Regardless, it's a good thing the duke and duchess have a few months off to enjoy each other quietly in Kensington Palace. Seems like these over-scheduled newlyweds have been given time off for some baby makin'!

"People should give her a chance. I wouldn't jump to the conclusion that just because she is seen eating frugally in public she has an eating disorder," surmises the Brit expert. "Perhaps she is still a little nervous and is coming to terms with her new life and public duties."

Better get used to it, doll, the lifestyle (and public scrutiny) is only going to get more intense, and we hope you're physically up for the challenge because we do love to see what garments you put on that super-slender frame!

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