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Kate McKinnon makes triumphant 'SNL' return to deliver holiday message as Dr. Fauci

“Do people still think I’m sexy, or are we done with that?”
/ Source: TODAY

Kate McKinnon returned to "Saturday Night Live" during last night’s episode and reprised her portrayal of Dr. Anthony Fauci to give the public guidance on how to handle the holidays during the ongoing pandemic.

"I'm back!" McKinnon as Fauci said during the Cold Open. This is the star’s first appearance since stepping away to film the upcoming Peacock series “Joe Exotic.”

"Do people still think I'm sexy or are we done with that?"

During the sketch, McKinnon’s Fauci discussed the new coronavirus variant and addressed frequently asked questions as cases continue to rise.

"Is it safe to travel? Can I still use this to get out of stuff? I would like to never work again," she said were a few of the questions being raised.

Mikey Day and Heidi Gardner starring as CDC employees joined McKinnon to role play scenarios to help the public navigate these still unprecedented times.

First, Day and Gardner acted out what it's like to dine out now.

"Hi, I would like to eat Christmas dinner at your restaurant, please," Day's character said.

"Sure, I just need to see your vaccination card," Gardner's character responded.

When Day's character said he can't find the card, Gardner replies, "You mean, you lost the little one-inch piece of cardboard they gave you?" before banishing him from society for being irresponsible.

McKinnon's Fauci remarked that you can just get another card—but he isn’t completely sure.

Cecily Strong as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Aidy Bryant as Ted Cruz, Pete Davidson as Andrew Cuomo, Kate McKinnon as Dr. Anthony Fauci, and Andrew Dismukes as Chris Cuomo during the Cold Open on Saturday, December 11, 2021.Will Heath / NBC

Pete Davidson and Andrew Dismukes joined McKinnon portraying brothers Andrew and Chris Cuomo while Cecily Strong and Chloe Fineman, holding giant guns, played Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Rep. Lauren Boebert to role play how to visit Santa and navigate holiday travel.

Aidy Bryant then popped in to reprise her Sen. Ted Cruz impersonation.

"That's right, it's me, the weirdo with a beardo, Ted Cruz," Bryant's Cruz said. "If you're sick of seeing me, just think how sick I am of being me."

McKinnon’s Fauci asked Bryant’s Cruz how he was handling the pandemic.

"Oh, textbook bad," Bryant responded.

Despite all of their political differences, McKinnon said spending time with family and their safety and happiness is something all of the public figures could agree on.

"Or run it back solo to Cancun," Bryant's Cruz interrupted.