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Kate McKinnon breaks character on 'SNL,' jokes about blocking her therapist's number

In last night's "SNL," McKinnon reprised her role as medical expert Dr. Wenowdis and impersonated Dr. Anthony Fauci.
/ Source: TODAY

Last night’s episode of “Saturday Night Live," from the cold open to Weekend Update, focused on the topic on everyone's minds right now: the coronavirus vaccine.

Kate McKinnon was so invested in the topic that she broke character when reprising her role as Dr. Wenowdis, a play on the phrase, "we know this," who outlined during Weekend Update the unknowns of the vaccine distribution plan. Devolving into a fit of laughter after using a comically big syringe to squirt liquid at co-anchor Colin Jost, McKinnon told him that she was not OK.

"I think what it is is I stopped going to therapy because I'm really bad on the phone," she explained, still giggling. "I do too many pauses. I told her maybe every other week, and then I block her number."

Pivoting to the topic of the vaccine, McKinnon continued: "It's just like the light at the end of the tunnel has showed us how stinky and bad the tunnel is. It's like, how will the vaccine get to everybody? We don't know dis. Will we have enough? We don't know dis. Will life ever really go back to normal? Dis, we do not know dis. What we do know for certain, Colin — no, we don't know nothing."

The actor also impersonated the nation's leading infectious disease physician, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in the cold open alongside Heidi Gardner, who portrayed White House coronavirus response coordinator Dr. Deborah Birx. The two appeared in a parody of CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer," whose host was played by Beck Bennett.

“Today’s top story is the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, which the FDA just approved for emergency use," Bennett said. "It’s just like the PS5. Everybody wants it, nobody can get it, and if you’re rich, you already had it a month ago.”

Bennett then handed it over to McKinnon and Gardner to address the American people on what to expect from the vaccine rollout.

McKinnon announced the good news that the vaccine had been approved, adding, “And I am officially joining the Biden administration to continue the fight against COVID.”

“And I think I’ll be joining as well, right?" Gardner chimed in. “Remember when Trump said to inject bleach and I did a stanky little face? And I almost whispered ‘no.’”

McKinnon went on to explain how the vaccine would be distributed throughout the country, starting with health care workers, which McKinnon described as “your McSteamys, your McDreamys,” followed by “anybody named Mildred, Horace, Blanche, Mabel or Walter.”

As the sketch progressed, someone in the crowd threw a red bra at McKinnon’s face, prompting her to tell the fan, “Stop throwing bras, would you, please?”

Saturday Night Live - Season 46
Kate McKinnon as Dr. Anthony Fauci and Heidi Gardner as Deborah Birx during the "Fauci & Birx" Cold Open on Saturday, December 12, 2020Will Heath / NBC

“Look, this keeps happening throughout this whole thing,” McKinnon's Fauci explained to Bennett's Blitzer. “I’ve been the only one saying facts, so some people got a crush on me.”

She added, “Any other year I’m a two. This year I’m a 10.”

Later in the sketch, another fan yelled “Marry me!” before tossing a bra at McKinnon again, interrupting her response to Bennett.

“As I was saying, if enough Americans get this vaccine, you will all forget who I am. That’s my goal — to have zero name recognition with Americans,” McKinnon said. “Because that means I’ll have done my job well. I want to go back to being an anonymous hunk.”

Earlier this year during the at-home episode of "Saturday Nigh Live," Brad Pitt portrayed Dr. Fauci after the 79-year-old joked that he wanted to see the “Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood” actor impersonate him. The impression even earned Pitt an Emmy nomination.

Last night's episode of "SNL" was hosted by Timothée Chalamet with musical guest Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. In the monologue, the 24-year-old actor reflected on Christmas in the city and was joined by Pete Davidson who gave his perspective as a Staten Island native.