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Kate Hudson, A-Rod: Bad news for Yankees

“First we dealt with all the Madonna mayhem, now we’re on to Kate. It’s distracting,” says one person connected with the team. “And they haven’t even been together that long.”
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It doesn’t take long for Kate Hudson to play the part of doting girlfriend. Although Hudson has only recently begun spending time with Yankee Alex Rodriguez, she’s becoming a regular at games and has introduced her son Ryder to the slugger. Not all of A-Rod’s teammates are happy about the development.

“First we dealt with all the Madonna mayhem, now we’re on to Kate. It’s distracting,” says one person connected with the team. “And they haven’t even been together that long.”

Hudson and Rodriguez have been linked since May (with the exception of a “just friends” sighting in January). People magazine reported she and Ryder went to Dallas for a three-game series with the Texas Rangers. Most recently, the New York Post reported that Hudson cheered on A-Rod at Bar 108 in New York when the team was away, she attended a game at Yankee stadium June 2, and attended another game with Ryder Sunday.

“It’s not like there’s a problem with wives or girlfriends going to games,” said the source. “But a lot of us agree that this is a little much. They’re barely dating, and it’s all about Kate.”

Hudson appears to have an affection for athletes: She’s been linked with PGA golfer Adam Scott, cyclist Lance Armstrong and hockey player Eric Lindros.

Where Susan Boyle goes, so goes the cat “Britain’s Got Talent” star Susan Boyle was reunited with her cat Pebbles soon after her post-show hospitalization, and a “BGT” source says that this could be the last time Boyle is separated from her pet.

“It’s been made quite clear how important Pebbles is to her, and we want this experience to be as stress-free as possible for her,” said the source.

As for how the cat fared while Boyle was in the hospital and recovering from the stress of appearing on “BGT,” the source said, “Producers made sure that Pebbles was well looked after and fed.” Twenty performances are scheduled for the “Britain’s Got Talent — The Live Tour,” which begins Friday June 12.

Brooke Shields settles with Enquirer In what might be one of the swiftest resolutions between a celebrity and a tabloid, Brooke Shields has come to an agreement with the National Enquirer after alleging the Enquirer checked her mother Teri Shields out of a nursing home last month.

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Shields originally alleged that two reporters from the Enquirer claimed they were friends of her mother, who suffers from dementia, and checked her out of the nursing home to fulfill Teri’s request to go to lunch and run some errands.

Shields’ attorney Gerald B. Lefcourt issued a statement to People that outlined parts of the agreement. “I am very pleased to report that (the) National Enquirer was prevailed upon not to publish a story. Further, it has or will be apologizing publicly. Finally, it has agreed to make a generous donation to further research on dementia and to encourage others to do so.”

‘Up’set at the box office As suspected, there was an upset at the box office once the final numbers came in. “The Hangover” actually grossed $45 million from 3,269 theaters for the weekend (not $43 million) while “Up” finished at $44.3 million from 3,818 theaters.

And poor Will Ferrell had a rough weekend — not only did Liza Minnelli beat him out for a Tony award, but his film “Land of the Lost” did worse than originally thought. It made $18.7 million, not $19.5 as originally projected.

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