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Kate Hudson to reunite with Owen Wilson?

Folks close to Kate Hudson say she recently broke up with Dax Shepherd because she thinks there might be a chance to reunite with ex-boyfriend Owen Wilson.
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When Owen Wilson attempted suicide in late August, his ex-girlfriend Kate Hudson had just appeared in a series of flirty photographs with her new beau, Dax Shepard.

Hudson has since broken up with Shepard, and folks close to the actress say its because she thinks there might be a chance to reunite with Wilson. “She’s had time to think about things,” a source close to the actress says.

She’s also distancing herself more from Shepard, who is expected at the opening of Koi at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on Nov. 9. One person who won’t be there: Hudson. “Kate was invited, but she’s not going to come,” says a source.

No ‘Oprah’ for K-FedSince just about anything is possible when it comes to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, it didn’t appear entirely out of the realm of possibility that K-Fed could be making an appearance on “Oprah,” as was reported Monday.

“Not true,” says Federline’s rep, setting the record straight shortly after the news broke. Federline has remained mostly out of the spotlight since he and Spears announced their split last November. This is in stark contrast to his ex, who was spotted shopping for chandeliers on Sunday, while kids Jayden and Preston stayed behind in the car along with the court-appointed parenting coach.

What’s Federline up to? For starters, he is not working on a follow-up album to “Playing With Fire.” Recently he filmed a guest spot on the CW’s “One Tree Hill.” According to his rep, the air date for that episode has not yet been announced.

Barbara Walters offers glimpse into Sir Paul’s lifeAdd Barbara Walters to the list of people who aren’t fond of Heather Mills. During Monday's taping of "The View," Walters, who rarely disparages her interview subjects, told the audience that she’s interviewed Mills twice and during one of the interviews, Mills went so far as to complain about the temperature of the water she was given, and that “she was extremely difficult. ... She was so impossible to our producers.”

Earth to Heather: You don’t have many people in your corner. Don’t you think it’s time to settle this once and for all?