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Kate Hudson doesn't plan to stray

As for her husband straying; either way, she just doesn't want to know
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush recently joined Kate Hudson for a candid conversation and a bike ride through the streets of New Orleans.

And while Kate led the way on the bikes, Billy definitely steered the conversation.

One of the topics – monogamy. Kate's mom, actress Goldie Hawn has loudly declared that she believes as a concept, monogamy is not natural.

Now it was up to Billy to find out if the apple fell far from the tree.

"Do you believe that monogamy is unrealistic?" Billy asked Kate. "Can it be done?"

"Absolutely it can be done," she replied. "Do I believe it's realistic? No, I don't."

"I believe that we as people have the power to make it happen," she added. "I will not disrespect my husband and stray."

Almost five years now, Kate's been married to Black Crowes lead singer Chris Robinson and together they have a one-and-a-half-year-old son Ryder.

Kate got some very good advice about raising her child from mom Goldie and mom's partner, Kurt Russell.

Goldie's words to Kate?

"Just remember that the second that baby comes out of you, it no longer belongs to you. You no longer possess that child. It's the best lesson you'll ever learn as a mother."

"That is a great philosophy on raising children," Billy said. "[Goldie] also has a great quote that I've been wrestling with as I read, 'All men cheat. They sow their seed. That's what they do'… if that's true then Chris, your husband cheats. I cheat, Kurt cheats."

"I don’t know," Kate smiled. "You know what? I just don't want to know. Just don't get caught."

"Come on, you've got to be kidding me," Billy said surprised.

"Don't get caught," she laughed.

"Is that your advice to Chris?" Billy asked.

"You know…if you focus your attention on that, you are always wondering if your husband's out there cheating on you and personally I think if things are happy in the home, we're having a good time," she explained. "If for some reason that's what he has to go do, I just don't want to know. As long as things are good in our house, please just don't get caught…To me there is nothing more attractive when I see my husband finding another woman attractive."

"Really? That doesn't make you jealous?" Billy wondered.

"No," Kate said with a laugh.

Indeed, it's the nature of life according to Kate. Over coffee and beignets at the world famous Café du Monde in New Orleans – the city which is also the setting for Kate's new scary voodoo thriller, "The Skeleton Key" (opening Aug. 12).

In fact, it was a role that forced Kate to tap into her own fears.

"What is your greatest fear?" asked Billy.

"Probably losing someone in my family," she revealed.

That was a fear that magnified when she became a mom to Ryder. But did Kate experience any post partum depression after her son was born?

"I think when I had the baby, I went through a period the first couple of the weeks where it was just so emotionally overwhelming and you look at your child and you realize you could never love something so much," she explained. "And it's also for me being young." Kate is, after all, only 26. And she was a very young bride too, marrying Chris at age 21 – just six months after they started dating. "You got married so young…Are you prepared to live the rest of your life with just one lover?" Billy asked her.

"I don't know the answer to that," she said honestly. "I hope so. That's all you can hope for. That's my dream and my hope and my desire. But I don't know the answer to that. I don't want to live in my relationship with that pressure…Chris is an amazing man and I would never regret ever marrying him and having his babies, ever."

But now comes the real burning question…

"Have you ever asked him to shave?" Billy inquired.

"No, because I like the beard… I like facial hair," she grinned.

"Do you grab it? Do you tug on it?" he followed.

"I do a lot of things with it," she chuckled.

And since she was being open, Billy fired off one more question in light of Jude Law's recent "Nannygate."

"Do you have a nanny?" he asked.

"I do," she replied.

"Is she hot?" asked Billy.

"She's beautiful," she laughed. "But I probably wouldn't have hired a young nanny."

She's honest. She's adorable and she's just getting warmed up!

Tune in to Friday's Access Hollywood with much more from "Skeleton Key" star Kate Hudson!