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Kate Gosselin slams Kendra Wilkinson on 'Wife Swap'

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Kendra Wilkinson and Kate Gosselin swapped lives for a week.

When women swap lives on ABC's "Wife Swap," they tend to go home having learned a few life lessons. The same couldn't exactly be said for the season premiere of "Celebrity Wife Swap" Tuesday night, when Kate Gosselin and Kendra Wilkinson made the switch.

Former "Girls Next Door" star Kendra -- a mom of one who has a pretty splendid life being pampered by former football player Hank Baskett -- got a rude awakening when she took care of Kate's eight children, but she did it all with a smile on her face. And in the end, she even bonded with the children.

"I really worked my butt off to get these kids to at least appreciate me and know my heart," Kendra told us. "I really wanted to know their hearts. I really wanted to know about them and know where they come from. I don't want to just do the show, I want to ... really learn about these kids." 

For Kate, the experience didn't seem quite so positive. She spent the majority of her time at Kendra's house criticizing Kendra's seeming lack of effort around the house and leaving the majority of the child-rearing to hubby Hank and maid Rosa.

When it came time for the couples to meet face to face (Kate's friend Deanna, who helped Kendra out with the kids, sat in as the husband figure), the mom of eight showed just how judgmental she was of the other woman.

After Kendra praised the warmth of Kate's home and expressed being overwhelmed by Kate's rule book, the mom of eight whipped out her claws and reduced Kendra to tears.

"Imagine my surprise when I arrived at your house and discovered you had ONE child," she told Kendra. "It was a very unique experience to sort of do nothing. Reading your manual made me believe that you let everybody else do everything because you don't care. And between (Hank) and Rosa, they do everything, so it essentially enables you to not have to."

Oh, ouch! Could Kendra have chipped in a little more at home? Probably! But did she deserve this treatment? Not really! (Especially since the same message could've been delivered in a more tactful manner.)  Loving husband Hank stepped up to defend his wife.

"No! She's very hands on with Little Hank!" he insisted. Hank then said to Kendra, "I don't want you to change who you are." Awww!

Kate's reply? An exasperated face.

At the end, Kendra admitted that she had "grown up so much" from the experience. "I took some advice from her, and I am taking that in," Kendra told us. The show also revealed that she's spending even more time with her little son now.

As for Kate? Her parting words at the table weren't about what she learned from the experience, but that she hoped Kendra took a few lessons with her.

Every show needs a good guy and bad guy, right?

"Celebrity Wife Swap" airs at 8 p.m. Tuesdays on ABC.

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