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Kate Gosselin has no regrets about her 'Dancing' days

Despite displaying some of the worst ballroom moves ever seen on TV, Kate Gosselin has no regrets about her “Dancing With the Stars” days. The five weeks worth of terrible waltzes, jives and tango (and the less said about her paso doble, the better) left Gosselin with a new appreciation for what’s she capable of accomplishing.

“I know I’m (glad about going on ‘Dancing’). I don’t know if America’s glad,” the reality TV mom told late-night host George Lopez. “I learned a lot about myself. I learned that if I can dance six hours a day, I can definitely run an hour a day. I mean I had five free hours when I was done dancing."

Eight kids and five free hours? Impressive, not to mention sort of unbelievable, but according to Gosselin, she’s putting all that extra time to good use. She currently runs up to eight miles a day and plans a half-marathon and full marathon in the future. The TLC star has even found a practical outlet for her newfound racing spirit.

“I outrun the paparazzi and laugh, because they’re in the dust,” Gosselin said.

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