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Kate Gosselin is ‘Dancing’ — in Pennsylvania

The mother of eight reportedly isn’t talking to her fellow contestants at rehearsals. She can’t — Gosselin is rehearsing from her home in Pennsylvania, not in L.A. where the show is taped.
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Kate Gosselin can’t catch a break. The newly single mother of eight, who in the past has been criticized for everything from bad mothering to bad hair practices, is now taking heat for being a diva on the set of “Dancing With the Stars.”

According to some of the rumors out there, Gosselin isn’t talking to her fellow contestants at rehearsals, she’s making all kinds of demands, and she has scared Olympic skater Johnny Weir away from taking a role on the show.

Those with direct access to Gosselin say this simply isn’t the case. For starters, she isn’t talking to fellow contestants at rehearsals because she can’t — Gosselin is rehearsing from her home in Pennsylvania, whereas the other contestants are in Los Angeles, where “DWTS” tapes.

That’s not to say Gosselin hasn't socialized at all with some of the cast. The source confirms that Gosselin has attended the show’s press events and parties, and is getting along well with everyone. “She talks to everyone, she’s friendly ... she got along really well with Erin Andrews,” the source said.

So why the differing stories?

“I think people are being really sexist,” said the Gosselin source. “If this were a man, no one would be criticizing his every move. Kate is doing what she has to do to support her family. She’s a good mom.”

Jessica Simpson will withhold her napalmFor one last item that includes insight into the Jessica Simpson/John Mayer/"what was he thinking during the Playboy interview?" debacle, read on. (If you’re over it, fair enough, skip to the next item.)

Pamela Anderson, Kate Gosselin, Buzz Aldrin, Evan Lysacek and more of the mirror ball hopefuls.

Simpson, who is on a publicity tour to promote her VH1 series, “The Price of Beauty,” told Barbara Walters on “The View” that she has not talked to Mayer. And further, “He’ll never have his napalm again.” (Mayer had described their physical relationship as “sexual napalm” and said Simpson “was like crack cocaine to me.”)

Simpson also shed some light on the mysterious fling she had with rocker Billy Corgan. She said the two are not dating, but they are collaborating on a project. “He understands my heart,” she said.

Mike Tyson and his pigeons get a TV showJungle cats aren’t the only animal with whom Mike Tyson will share screen time. The former heavyweight champ is getting a reality show about bird racing on Animal Planet.

Tyson shared his love for pigeons in the 2009 documentary “Tyson.” In the film, he explained that until one of the pigeons he cared for was hurt by someone else, he had never hurt any person. That experience is what led Tyson to take up boxing.

The Animal Planet program will focus on Tyson and the several hundred birds he keeps and races. The show doesn’t have a premiere date yet.

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