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Kardashians Lez-Out and "Bitch-Slap" Haters in New Book!

Hope all you darlings enjoyed the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last night. We know we did!
/ Source: E!online

Hope all you darlings enjoyed the latest episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians last night. We know we did!

To celebrate the fabulous second episode of the newest season, we chatted with sisters Khlo and Kourtney about their latest biz venture: writing a novel! And for those of you who don't think the girls can write anything more profound than a tweet, Khlo has this to say: "Every page they turn, it'll be a bitch-slap."

Sounds juicy, but we wouldn't expect anything less from the 'Dash divas. So will the gals reveal some of their own delish dirt in the book or is it totally make believe?

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"We're going to have stories that might be real stories that we're maybe too embarrassed to share," Khlo told us. Sounds scandalous--and like a future New York Times bestseller.

If Snooki can do it, these three surely can, right?

"We might exaggerate the stories or it might be completely true," piped in Kourtney, who sounds like she may have the dirtiest deeds to choose from.

Khlo graciously filled us in on one par-tick naughty take about the new mama: "Kourtney used to wear vibrating underwear in clubs and give someone else the remote and let them turn it on and off and she would orgasm at all times."

Well, that's definitely not literature you'd get from boring old Charlotte Bront!

Khlo further described the oldest Kardash sis as a "wild living, strip-teasing lesbo in college," so prepare for some girl on girl smooching--to accompany plenty of horny hetero stuff, we're sure.

As for the title of the book? Well, there isn't one!

"We're literally leaving it up to our fans to decide the title," reveals Khlo before Kourt clarified: "There's a contest."

Too cool! Better get to thinkin', fans--and, if you want a Team Truth tip: make it extra naughty! These gals can handle it.

And if you're wondering which lusty lady author each matches up with, well, Khlo is Jackie Collins, Kourt is pseudonymous Nancy Drew author Carolyn Keene and Kim is Danielle Steele, or so say the babes themselves.

Uh, last time we checked, Nancy Drew wasn't getting her lez on between cases, Kourt. But maybe that's why we like you more!

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