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Kardashian sisters dish on Kanye, divorce and baby talk

When Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian get together, you know you're in for an entertaining time. Particularly when some good-natured sibling ribbing is the order of the day.

When the E! stars sat down on "The Tonight Show" Monday night, the sisters gabbed about everything from Kanye West to the impending birth of Kourt's new baby girl to the rumors that Khloe was leaving the reality business to even -- yes, they went there -- Kim's still-fresh pending divorce.

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Jay Leno wasted no time in questioning Kim on her relationship with Kanye, asking her about his song, "Theraflu," purportedly about his new girlfriend.

"I don't know if he wrote it for me," she began.

"I feel like the lyrics kinda say he wrote it for you," Khloe interjected. "I think the song is self-explanatory. I think it definitely says it's for her."

"I think my name's in it," Kim conceded, prompting laughs from the audience. A fairly good indicator, then, as clues go.

That wasn't the only time Khloe got the best of Kim during the interview. While promoting the seventh season of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians," Kim began rehashing the paternity drama that recently surrounded Khloe, explaining that her late father's exes were to blame for fanning the flames of the rumors.

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"My dad's ex-wives that he was married to for two seconds..." Kim began, but Khloe quickly -- and to applause, "oohs" and entertained gasps from the audience -- said, "Runs in the family."

Oh yes, she went there. Kim good-naturedly rolled with the punch. "That was a good one," she said.

Meanwhile, Khloe also denied that her and Lamar Odom's temporary hiatus from their eponymous reality show signaled the beginning of the end for them on the small screen.

"I understand that people need to sell magazines," she said. "I didn't pull the plug on any show, we just wanted the summer (off)."

"I mean, Lamar and I have fun doing what we're doing. 'Keeping Up' is a show that we're taping and that we always do. I don't know how something spun so far out in the media. We're just doing what makes us happy, so until it doesn't make us happy, we'll do it. We're just taking the summer off. It's like we're in school, and now it's summer."

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Which also means that the birth of Kourtney's second child is drawing ever closer. But can viewers expect to be treated to another video of the birth like her infamous footage delivering Mason?

"I don't know," she told Jay. "We're gonna film it again ourselves, and honestly, my experience last time was so peaceful and calm and everything you don't see in the movies. And I really wanted to share that with people so they knew it doesn't have to be a crazy screaming session."

Kourtney said that she and Scott Disick will decide after the fact "if we're into sharing it or not."

Now that would be must-see TV.

Catch more from the Kardashian's when "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" seventh season premieres Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on the E! network.

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