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Kardashian family Christmas card missing most men, baby North West

Forget mall Santas or dogs wearing antlers. Your holiday card better have more than one wrecked mannequin, ATM machine or naked mom pictured in it to keep up with the Kardashian family's 2013 offering.

Sisters Kim, Khloé and Kourtney Kardashian are joined by Kris and Bruce Jenner and their teenage daughters Kylie and Kendall in what looks like the aftermath of a bomb blast at a Las Vegas theater. The photograph was shot by David LaChapelle, and Kendall tweeted it Monday morning.



Broken mannequins are strewn about the neon-lit set, and the legs of all of the women protrude from black dresses. Kourtney is holding her daughter, Penelope, 1 1/2, who is wearing a little white dress. Kourtney's son, Mason, 3, is slumped next to his aunt Khloé on what looks like the bench seat from a pickup truck.

Noticeably absent from the card, with the exception of Bruce Jenner, are the men of the clan, as well as Kim's baby daughter, North. Kanye West, Scott Disick, Lamar Odom and even Kardashian brother Rob must have been too busy for their scheduled Photoshop sessions.

Maybe that's why long-haired Bruce is locked in some sort of glass case, staring at a one-armed mannequin wearing his Olympic gold medals. A tiny Wheaties box and some TV screens showcase his 1976 decathlon glory.

The young Jenner sisters are standing on a pile of tabloid magazines which chronicle the family's ups and downs from months gone by.

Kim, positioned at left on a stairway leading into the shot, is eclipsed only by the giant dollar sign to her left. Her mom, Kris, the grand seller of the Kardashian spectacle, is fittingly seated at a ticket booth next to a cashier sign.

Step right up, folks! Merrrrrrrrry Christmas!