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Kanye West says best video didn’t get VMA nod

He calls his ‘Touch the Sky’ video ‘one of the most memorable’ of the year
/ Source: The Associated Press

One of the best videos wasn’t even nominated, according to Kanye West, the maker of said video.

West, who’s nominated for best pop video at Thursday’s MTV Video Music Awards for “Gold Digger,” says his elaborate Evel Knievel spoof “Touch the Sky” — featuring Pamela Anderson — was better than that.

“It didn’t get any nominations, but it’s one of the most memorable videos of the year for me,” he said Tuesday night, speaking backstage before performing at an exclusive concert for American Express cardholders.

West said he doesn’t see his videos as a way to boost his sales — and noted that even though “Touch the Sky” was his favorite video, the song was not a huge hit.

“I’m not trying to be No. 1; I’m trying to make something that lasts forever, something that’s really memorable,” he said.

“Gold Digger” is also nominated for best male video and best hip-hop video.