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Kanye West goes on 8-minute rant to Ellen DeGeneres: 'What is the point of thinking?'

Kanye West took Ellen DeGeneres on an eight-minute ride through his mind on Thursday.
/ Source: TODAY

Kanye West took Ellen DeGeneres on an eight-minute ride through his mind on Thursday, leaving her uncharacteristically speechless and everyone else wondering what just happened.

"I'm sorry for the realness,'' West said to the audience.

In an epic rant during a rare daytime television appearance, West touched on everything from his appeal to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg for $53 million to making a difference for humanity to whether he regrets anything he's ever tweeted.

He also was asked whether he put any thought into his often-bizarre tweets before sending them out.

"What's the point of thinking?" he said.

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West also acknowledged that his tweet to Zuckerberg for millions of dollars in funding probably would've gone over better if it was on another platform.

"I should have put it on Facebook," West said. "Now I understand why he didn't hit me back."

"I feel that if I had more resources, I could help more people," he explained about why he was asking Zuckerberg for money. "I have ideas that can make the human race's existence, within our hundred years, better."

West also lamented the absence of geniuses in the world and then kept rolling, all while DeGeneres and the audience remained silent.

"Picasso is dead,'' he said. "Steve Jobs is dead. Walt Disney is dead. Name somebody living that you can name in the same breath as them.

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"Don't tell me about being likeable. We've got a hundred years here. We're one race, the human race, one civilization. We're a blip in the existence of the universe, and we're constantly trying to pull each other down. Not doing things to help each other. That's my point."

He also said he has a medical condition in which he can see sound.

"Everything that I sonically make is a painting," West said. "I can see it (and) I see the importance and the value of being able to experience a more beautiful life."

In the midst of the diatribe, he jumped to his feet, throwing his hands in the air and telling the crowd "'Ye is in the building!" in his own personal Tom Cruise-jumping-on-the-couch moment.