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Kandi Burruss blasts Marlo Hampton in Atlanta 'Real Housewives' reunion

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Cynthia Bailey was caught in the middle as Marlo Hampton (left) and Kandi Burruss (right) fought on the final installment of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reunion special.

If you thought "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" got all the feuding and fighting out of their systems during the first two parts of the reunion special, think again. On Sunday night, part three proved that the ladies of the South haven't reached a cease-fire in their war of words.

In fact, they're far from it. On the heels of the battle between NeNe Leakes and Sheree Whitfield and the blowout between Kim Zolciak and Marlo Hampton came a matchup no one anticipated: Marlo vs. Kandi Burruss.

It even came as a shock to reunion host Andy Cohen, who tweeted, "I didn't see this fight btwn Marlo and Kandi coming" as it aired.

It all started calmly enough when Kandi was reminded that Marlo once called her a "sugar mama," which Kandi dismissed as a laughing matter -- at least at first.

But when Marlo pressed the point, asking whether or not Kandi's current main man works or if he lives with her and drives her car, the calm came to an end.

"I wasn't even going to be mean ... but now you wanna come at me?" Kandi asked before swapping between bouts of defending her man and attempting to put Marlo in her place -- all while letting the expletives fly.

Check out the bleep-filled scene for yourself in the clip below:

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