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Kaley Cuoco near tears as she thanks 'Big Bang Theory' fan who found her wallet

That one small act restored the actress's faith in humanity.
Kaley Cuoco
"The Big Bang Theory" star is even more grateful for her fans than ever before -- especially one in particular.Getty Images
/ Source: TODAY

Feeling a little cynical? Current events got you down? Take heart! Kaley Cuoco wants you to know that "there is good in this world."

That's something "The Big Bang Theory" star is certain about after a recent act of kindness completely turned her mood around.

On Wednesday night, Cuoco explained it all via clips she shared on her Instagram Stories.

"So I have had the strangest week," she said as she began to recount it all. "It's been very up and down, very kind of emotional to be honest. Probably just coming to the end of the show and, I don't know, lots of other things."

As viewers of her long-running sitcom know by now, "The Big Bang Theory" will call it a wrap when the current season ends, with the final episodes set to air in May. So it would make sense if she was a little preoccupied when she paid a visit to a Sharky's in Calabasas, California, one afternoon.

Whatever the case, when she left the restaurant, her wallet stayed behind — a detail she didn't notice on until later that night.

"I became totally hysterical and didn't know where it was and traced my steps and was like, 'Oh my God, I left it there. It's gone. It's gone,'" she recalled. "I was crying. I was so upset. So I called Sharky's."

That's when she learned that a kind stranger had turned it in after seeing her leave it behind earlier. Well, at least he or she was a stranger to Cuoco. That person knew her — or at least her small-screen alter ego — well, because they attached a note to the wallet indicating that it belonged to "Penny."

"Whoever did that, whoever is out there, thank you," she said, on the verge of tears. "I wish I could've met you. I would've given you all the cash in my wallet or whatever was in there. I really would've given you anything. I was so grateful that there was someone so sweet on this earth and honest. And it didn't go unnoticed and I will never forget that because that could've been a very bad day for me."

Instead, it turned out to be a great day — one that restored her faith in humanity. Not only had a secret fan come through for her in a pinch, even the staff at the restaurant made her feel supported during the emotional moment when she came by to reclaim her lost possession.

"You guys were so nice," she said as a shout out to the gang at Sharky's. "I came in crying and they were like, 'Penny!'"

She smiled in the final clip, as her story came to an end, and Cuoco assured her fans and followers of the "good in the world."