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Kaley Cuoco drowned her sorrows in pizza, champagne and cake after Globes loss

If there was a prize for best self-soothing after a major award loss, we'd give it to her!
/ Source: TODAY

Kaley Cuoco prepared for the Golden Globes like a boss. And she celebrated her loss like a champ.

The actor, who had been nominated for "The Flight Attendant" on Sunday and lost to "Schitt's Creek" star Catherine O'Hara, shared a hilarious photo on Instagram of how she carried on celebrating even without getting the award:

"I would like to thank...never mind !!" she wrote in the caption.

The picture shows her with a disappointed face, chowing down on pizza, cake, macaroni and cheese, and champagne, all while sitting on the wide-open wood floor of (presumably) her home. She's wearing a tiara and her high heels have been tossed to the side.

"The best," commented Alyssa Milano.

We've been there! Well, not exactly there, but we can feel this upset — and we love that she makes us laugh about it, too!

She also shared an annotated version of the photo on her Instagram stories, featuring thought bubbles strewed around the image — "the 1 glass of wine that turns into a bottle" and "pizza for breakfast" being just two.

Kaley Cuoco / Instagram

Other pictures and videos on her story showed her pals leaving after the awards were over, and the actor chomping down on a cupcake. (It's worth scrolling through her whole story to see how it all came together.)

And the evening had started out so bright: Clearly psyched by her first Golden Globe nomination, Cuoco posed for a series of photos posted by celeb stylist Brad Goreski, showing off her princess gown:

"Our very own Cinderella and double #goldenglobes nominee @kaleycuoco," he wrote in the caption. (Cuoco was only nominated individually once, but "The Flight Attendant" was also up for an award, and as an executive producer she could have taken home two statues.)

She fit right in with all of the incredible outfits we saw on the stars, many of whom dolled up for the virtual event (though some did not).

And we also learned over the weekend that her husband, Karl Cook, who had been excused from attending her at-home Golden Globes event since he was traveling for work, had made it back in time to celebrate, or not.

Well, that's a prize in and of itself. And now we know she had someone to share all of that cake ... and pizza ... and mac and cheese with!

Better luck next time, Kaley!