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/ Source: TODAY
By Ree Hines

If Kaley Cuoco's love life were a sitcom, the ratings would likely rival those of "The Big Bang Theory."

That's because whether she's engaged, married, divorced or just dating, it seems like everyone is interested in the latest twist or turn.

And she knows it.

So when Cuoco walked out onto the "Late Show" stage Monday night, she had a special announcement to make.

"You know, I just thought I would take this time, since everyone is so concerned with who I'm dating, to say that is who I'm dating," she said, gesturing to a costumed character from an earlier skit on the show. "The banana man. ... We're in a very serious relationship."

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But not really.

While a fling with a mustachioed banana would certainly make headlines, she's has a real romance with someone else — Karl Cook.

Cuoco — who told host Steven Colbert that if she's any kind of a nerd, it "would have to be for horses" — certainly has a lot in common with Cook.

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While he didn't make an on-camera appearance Monday night, Cook accompanied Cuoco to the "Late Show" taping.

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