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K-Fed's birthday bash, Jolie's adoption, more

Now that K-Fed is Suddenly Respectable he's expecting a big turnout at the birthday party he's throwing himself next Wednesday.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Now that K-Fed is suddenly respectable he's expecting a big turnout at the birthday party he's throwing himself next Wednesday. It's at a West Hollywood place called Eleven. In plugging the place, the club's publicity people say "Fridays and Saturdays are when things get out of control. We won't spoil it, but hint: it has something to do with a trapeze and a fiery Vegas-inspired water show." And bring the kids! Also, K-Fed is inviting potential guests to go by Rudy's Barbershop and get a Britney-style buzz cut for the occasion.

Adoption affairAngelina and son Maddox were in Vietnam to welcome the newest addition to the Jolie-Pitt clan. Despite almost a year of preparation, adding three year old Pax Thien to the family won't necessarily be that easy. Adam Pertman, the executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute and the award-winning author of Adoption Nation: How the Adoption Revolution is Transforming America, says that it's always complicated. "A person or child cannot live outside a family for three years and it not affect the entire family." Angelina and Brad seem to have lots of "good resources and experiences that can help for a smoother experience." Adopted children often assimilate the reality of being adopted just fine, although there will be many layers of transition to work through and changing the child's name may be a bit tough at first. Adam says that language is "not one of the biggest obstacles, there are lots of other types of communication besides language" and they will all adjust and everyone will have to deal with those issues. She's expected to take the toddler out of Vietnam today but it's unclear if she's going home to New Orleans or elsewhere.

Get out of my houseThe legal wrangling over whether Howard Stern and Dannielynn can stay in the house owned by South Carolina businessman G. Ben Thompson has not been resolved, despite a hearing yesterday. Now the matter will continue in the Bahamas on Friday starting at 3:30 (local time) but resolution is not expected then. Note: this is same day as the previously scheduled paternity hearing. Our spies say Larry Birkhead is in the Bahamas to attend. Unclear whether he will get to see his presumed daughter.

Rumor du jourWe got this one about 9:00 this morning, someone saying the comic Sinbad had passed away. Checked it out with his publicist (who is also his sister.) She advises Sinbad is very much alive.We're inclined to call it another unintended downside of the internet, this light-speed passing of bogus information back and forth. But it's really much the same as its always been, only quicker.A rumor goes global and then mushrooms instantly.And putting out fires has made the job of the publicist that much worse.

The Ides of MarchAs Willy the Shake put it, "Beware the Ides of March." That's March 15th, the day Julius Caesar was assassinated. If only they had cameras in the Senate then.

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