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K-Fed disses Britney's latest rehab romance

Kevin Federline has been talking trash about Britney Spears’ new man, musician Howie Day.
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Kevin Federline has been talking trash about Britney Spears’ new man, musician Howie Day.

“When Kevin heard they had a sleepover at her house, everyone wanted to know about it,” a source tells the new issue of Star. “He lit up a cigarette and said he guessed you have to head to the dump to find trash, referring to how Britney and Howie met while in rehab.”

Apparently, K-Fed isn’t the only one with a low opinion of Day. Spears’ new sweetie was arrested in 2004 for allegedly locking a fan in the bathroom of his tour bus when she rejected his sexual overtures, reports the tab. The next year, he was charged with verbally abusing a flight attendant while under the influence of alcohol and sleeping pills. He pleaded “no contest” to the fan incident, was fined and ordered to apologize; he served a year of probation for the episode aboard the plane.

“People have told Britney point-blank this guy has a permanent barstool in the Loser Lounge,” a friend told Star. “I was with her when one of her most trusted girlfriends told her, ‘You cannot let this guy into your life — after he gets a little publicity he will be gone.’ But when people say stuff like that, it’s music to Britney’s ears. She likes the drama.”

Bounty hunter in the doghouse, thanks to wifeAn airline put Duane “Dog” Chapman in the doghouse.

The bounty hunter and three members of his family were kicked off a United Airlines flight on May 7 after his wife, Beth, erupted in an obscenity-laden tirade at a flight attendant, reports the National Enquirer.

The star of “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and his family had just flown in from Honolulu and had boarded a connecting flight to Denver.

“Dog was sitting in the first-class section with his family, and the plane was getting pushed back from the gate," a source told the tab.  “A flight attendant asked Dog to buckle his seat belt, but he was asleep."

The flight attendant nudged the bounty hunter to wake him up, but his wife “went ballistic” and started to scream and curse, according to the source, despite the flight attendant’s efforts to calm her down. The captain was notified, he turned the plane around and returned to the gate, and the Chapmans were told to get off the plane, according to the Enquirer.  They were met by six airport police officers, but no arrests were made and the Chapmans were rebooked on another flight to Denver.

Chapman himself seemed embarrassed by the incident, according the source, who told the tab, “After the family was escorted off the plane, Dog apologized to everyone involved.”

Notes from all overAshley Olsen is renting a $22,000-a-month party house in Malibu, where she plans to celebrate her 21st birthday on June 13 — when she hits the legal drinking age. “Ashley and MK [her twin sister Mary-Kate] plan to spend much of the summer in Malibu,” a “pal” told In Touch Weekly. The two-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow has a flat-screen television in every room, and even though the place is only a rental, the pint-sized mogul has met with a decorator.  ... Paris Hilton has reasons to worry about her upcoming stint in jail — and it’s not just because horizontal stripes make you look fat. “These maniacs have been writing, ‘We’re going to get you’ and ‘I’m going to kill you,’ ” an “insider close to Paris” tells Life & Style. “It’s horrifying. One person wrote that she’s going to steal Paris’ shoes when she gets to jail — and if Paris argues, she’ll be beaten to a pulp.” Paris admitted to L&S that she’s nervous. “I’m very scared right now,” she reportedly said in “an exclusive interview.” “But I’m really grateful for all the support and letters and calls I’m getting from my loved ones.” ... Meanwhile, an online gaming site is placing odds on the heiress’s behavior behind bars. is saying that there’s a five-to-one chance that Hilton will announce that jail is “hot.” There’s a one-in-50 chance that Hilton’s stay will be extended for bad behavior, 150/1 odds that she’ll fall in love with another inmate, a 4/1 chance that she’ll get caught trying to escape, and a longshot of 3000/1 that she’ll launch a successful escape.

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