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Justin Trudeau challenges Matthew Perry to 'rematch'

The former "Friends" star recently revealed that he "beat up" the Canadian prime minister when they attended the same elementary school way back when.
/ Source: TODAY

Matthew Perry, you opened up a can of worms when you admitted on national TV that you once bullied the prime minister of Canada.

We recently learned that the former “Friends” star was not so friendly to Justin Trudeau when both attended the same Canadian elementary school way back when. In fact, Perry said, he and a classmate “beat up” on the younger Trudeau.

“I think he was excelling in a sport we weren’t [as good at], so it was pure jealousy,” Perry, 47, told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview that aired last month.

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Apparently Perry’s story brought back terrible memories for Trudeau, because he’s now seeking payback.

“I've been giving it some thought, and you know what, who hasn't wanted to punch Chandler? How about a rematch @MatthewPerry?” Trudeau, 45, tweeted on Saturday.

Wow. Could he BE any less of a Chandler fan? (Sorry. We couldn’t help ourselves.)

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Rematch? We don't think so.Jimmy Kimmel Live/Getty

Those are strong words from the prime minister, but a rematch isn’t really in the cards. Not only did Trudeau tweet his message on April Fools’ Day, but, well, he’s a prime minister, and a prime minister generally doesn’t do things like punch sitcom stars.

Just to be safe, Perry turned down the challenge.

"I think I will pass at your request for a rematch kind sir (given that you currently have an army at your disposal)," he replied.

Good call, Chandler ... even if you have five friends you could turn to for help.

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