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Justin Timberlake will 'Shake Your Body' with perfect Jackson 5 cover

We can't quite put a foam finger on it, but sometimes, you know, an entertainer just gets it when it comes to the old song-and-dance routine. Witness Justin Timberlake covering "Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground)" by the Jackson 5.

The performance took place on a BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge Special. Timberlake is backed by his hefty band and over the course of four minutes or so, he "shovels the funk" in a way that would make Michael Jackson and his brothers proud.

By this time in his career, J.T. has obviously put in the necessary work to pull off a spot-on Jacksons cover. What's refreshing is that he clearly enjoys what he's doing as he smiles throughout the energetic performance. And by the end, as the singer leads the clapping audience, it's hard not to join in.

"Shake Your Body" was released by the Jackson 5 in 1978. Featuring Michael on lead vocals, the song sold 2 million copies. Videos of the band performing the hit song 35 years ago demonstrate one thing Timberlake can't replicate today: shiny jumpsuits.

Timberlake is set to embark on a world tour, starting in the United States, in October.