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Justin Timberlake met his 88-year-old fan Nammie and it was totally adorable

After a video of Bette "Nammie" Maloney's Easter surprise (tickets to go see her favorite musician) went viral, Justin Timberlake took notice.
/ Source: TODAY

We love a happy ending!

Had the viral video of Bette Maloney ("Nammie" to her grandkids) receiving Justin Timberlake tickets been the end of the story, that would have been just fine, because she's adorable. But Nammie's Timberlake love story did not end that Easter Sunday.M

Instead, not only did Nammie, 88, attend his "Man of the Woods" tour stop at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, on Monday — she got to meet Timberlake before the show.

"She was so excited," Beth Watson, Nammie's daughter, told TODAY in an email. "She did have a few things to say planned, and she brought Justin's son (Silas) a gift (a custom T-shirt) to give to him."

Then she asked if Timberlake's wife, Jessica Biel, would mind if she gave him a kiss on the cheek. No problem!

"She couldn't stop looking at him, and told him he was even cuter in person," said Watson.

OK, now we're swooning, too.

Nammie, who met Timberlake with her family backstage, spent about 10 minutes with the musician. Then she told him to "break a leg."

Nammie and Justin Timberlake
We love that Nammie (c.), here with granddaughters Elizabeth (far l.) and Sarah (second from r.), plus daughter Beth, couldn't take her eyes off of Timberlake. We know the feeling!Courtesy Sarah Watson

"It was not surprising at all to see how kind and gracious he was," said Watson. "The biggest surprise of the night was the shoutout to Nammie from the stage!"

Yep, Timberlake is the gift that keeps giving: During his show, he sent his love to Nammie personally!

A fan sent granddaughter Sarah this video, which shows Nammie's face totally lighting up when he calls her by name:

And now, it seems the pair are BFFs. Nammie even felt comfortable enough to make a personal request. "She told him that her favorite dance move of his is when he goes up on his toes," said Watson. "He said he would throw in a few of those moves during the show."

We apologize, this video has expired.

Oh, we think Timberlake knows all the right moves!

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Video footage courtesy of Mark Nguyen, Justin Timberlake, Johnny Wright, Wright Entertainment and Angela Berkebile.