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Justin Timberlake confesses his biggest fear

Singer Justin Timberlake says he tries not to be afraid of anything, but all that flies out the window when it comes to the woman who gave birth to him.
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With six Grammys, an Emmy and a budding acting career, Justin Timberlake’s on top of his game and doesn’t fear much of anything — except the woman who gave birth to him.

“I try not to be afraid of anything,” JT told Life & Style before adding, “I’m still afraid of my mother, but I think every grown man is!”

When asked for the best advice his scary mom ever passed his way, Justin joked, “‘Answer me when I ask you a question!’ and then I’d start to answer and she’d go, ‘Shut up when I’m talking.’”

Despite the intimidation factor, the actor-singer counts his mom among his best friends, and assured the magazine that she’s handed him some valuable bits of wisdom over the years.

“One of my childhood idols was Michael Jordan, and my mom said that just because he plays basketball better than anyone on the face of the earth doesn’t mean he’s better than everyone,” Justin said. “It just means he plays basketball better. I think my mom knew I had a knack for performing and wanted to instill in me that, basically, we all put our pants on the same way.”

The typically tight-lipped crooner also talked romance, and when it comes to “his type,” he admitted he’s not looking for a woman like dear old mom. In fact, his ideal woman is “about 5-foot-7, nice butt, Midwestern, kind of German last name, green eyes, big, pouty lips, fair skin, ahh… sinewy body…”

Nice way to avoid saying the words Jessica and Biel, Justin.

Pete Wentz talks sexual rebellion First time father-to-be Pete Wentz is comfortable kissing and telling about the ones who came before his new wife Ashlee Simpson — especially the guys. In an interview with Out magazine, the Fall Out Boy bassist discussed his “possible bisexuality.”

“When I said that I make out with dudes, there was a slight sense of sexual rebellion in that,” Pete said of his previous revelations on the topic. “And I probably even made it a bigger deal than it was.”

Pete credits his earliest “experiments” to teenage dares, “like, ‘You make out with this dude and we’ll make out,’” he explained. He continued with an “I’m going to try this thing” mentality for a while, but said he hasn’t shared a same-sex kiss in the last seven years.

“Our culture bombards us with this idea that you’re not that, and if you are that, there’s something wrong with you, and then we’re going to call you that, and then it’s an insult,” Pete said of people who accuse him of being gay.

When asked directly to describe his sexuality, Pete admitted, “I’ve always felt this relentless heterosexual drive.” But he doesn’t let that stand in the way of his “big, stupid crush” on John Mayer.

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Speaking of John Mayer, the whirlwind romance between Pete’s crush and Jennifer Aniston is getting serious. OK! reports that the pair’s passion could turn domestic soon. “I've never seen Jen this happy — or this in love,” a Jen insider shared. “Not since Brad.” In fact, the source went on to say, “It wouldn't be much of a surprise at all if they moved in together by the year's end. And if they do, you can bet that there will be serious discussions about having children.” … The latest Hollywood he-said-she-said comes from an unlikely pairing. A few weeks ago, Corey Haim claimed he dated Victoria Beckham back in the day, and he found her kissing technique left something to be desired. “When she kisses she does this grrhh thing,” the “Two Coreys” star said. “What did it feel like? Like a girl gnawing on your lip!'” Now Posh is firing back. While she admits she once dated the ’80s heartthrob, she says the relationship didn’t go very far. “We didn’t have sex or anything,’ Victoria told Now magazine. “In actual fact, he didn’t seem to want to try.”

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