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Justin Timberlake & Olivia Wilde Get Back Together

Justin Timberlake is reuniting with a certain celeb gal pal from his past.
/ Source: E!online

Justin Timberlake is reuniting with a certain celeb gal pal from his past.

The lady in question? House hottie Olivia Wilde.

So does Timberlake's longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel have anything to worry about?

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Nope. The two actually go way back.

"Justin's an old friend of mine," Wilde recently told us of her Alpha Dog costar. "so we love working together."

Timberlake and Wilde are making their onscreen reunion in the upcoming sci-fi thriller Now, in which Wilde plays--wait for it--Timberlake's mother!

We'll let her explain.

"It's an interesting kind of gimmick to the film," says the 26-year-old actress. "It has nothing to do with the physical appearance. It's all kind of the interior age. Your soul has aged but not your outside...I'm like this [in the film] but I'm 60 years old."

So does that make Miss Wilde a MILF?

"I'm not a self-proclaimed MILF," she laughed.

As for Timberlake's transition into a full-fledged movie star, Wilde says, "Everyone you ask who's ever worked with him will tell you that every moment is fun. But he's a serious actor. He takes it very seriously."

The Bing Bang Theory's Johnny Galecki, who plays J.T.'s alcoholic best friend in the flick, echoed Wilde's praises.

"He's very much a perfectionist and a hard worker," says Galecki. "He knows when he didn't hit the mark. He knows when he does...He knows he's learning [also], which is really rare to people who've had such success in other areas."

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