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Justin Theroux not intimidated by Jennifer Aniston's success: 'We're not in competition'

Intimidated? Not at all. "The Leftovers" star might actually collaborate with his wife on a project.
/ Source: TODAY

Justin Theroux is a successful actor. So is his wife, Jennifer Aniston. She’s very successful, actually. (She starred on “Friends,” you know.) It must be intimidating to be married to someone who’s accomplished so much in their line of work, right?

Not really.

“Not at all. She's successful for a reason. ... We're not in competition,” “The Leftovers” star, 45, explained to Esquire for its May issue. "If I was competing for the same job as her, I might be less forgiving."

Does this look like a man who's intimidated by his wife?Francois Mori / AP

There's definitely no competition between the two of them. In fact, they might collaborate on a project, though Theroux isn’t sharing many details.

"We were talking about an idea I had that we might start to develop together,” he revealed.

He’s worked with Aniston before, on the 2012 comedy “Wanderlust,” but that was before they were married. What could this new “idea” be? A drama? A comedy? “Wanderlust 2”? We’ll have to wait and see.

In the meantime, you can see Theroux and Aniston together at the cashier line of your local supermarket, headlining many magazine covers, not all of them flattering.

"A friend once told me, 'Another you has been born, this insane person who's constantly breaking up, getting back together, having a baby, losing a baby,'" Theroux said.

Don't believe everything you read about them.Willy Sanjuan / AP

In truth, his marriage is going just fine, thank you very much. What’s your secret, Justin?

"I'm not giving any marriage tips. I am no brighter than any man," he told Esquire.

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Not only is he not intimidated by Aniston, he’s humble, too! No wonder they get along so well.

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