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Justin Long Finds a New Gig: Waiting Tables?!

"Did anyone ever tell you you look just like Justin Long?"
/ Source: E!online

"Did anyone ever tell you you look just like Justin Long?"

That's what diners were murmuring to one waiter at BLT Fish in New York City on March 4 after the actual Long was discovered bussing tables, waiting on customers and hustling in and out of the kitchen with hot plates of food for hours on end.

Was this some sort of joke or did the funnyman need the tips?

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The actor apparently enjoyed his dinner at the Union Square area restaurant, which he shared with two friends, a guy and a gal, so much that he asked a waiter if he could purchase one of the restaurant's T-shirts--a white and blue number with a little red lobster on the front.

"He bought the shirt, then goes in the bathroom to change and comes out wearing it, asking, 'Is it too tight?'" a witness to the shenanigans tells E! News. "He wasn't drinking, either--he had ginger ale during the night."

The sources says Long then suddenly began posing as a restaurant staffer.

"He just started picking up glasses, cleaning tables," laughed our source. "One lady was asking him questions about the menu and he was just making up answers."

His friends sat and watched the hilarity unfold, while the actor found a table to wait on from start to finish, taking orders, serving food and delivering the bill.

"His friends kept saying, 'Make him work, give him a hard time,'" said the source. "It went on for over an hour. He was really working. He'd come back in the kitchen, grabbing menus, filling waters, asking questions. The chef was laughing at him. Justin was totally cool and laughing and having a good time and enjoying it."

The source said the restaurant staff looked shocked that the Going the Distance star stayed in waiter mode for so long, telling us he was "so nice to everyone" the whole evening.

And just in case anyone thought he'd fallen on hard times, Long even left his tips for the rest of the staff.

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