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Justin Hartley says Kate's episode of 'This Is Us' will leave fans 'suffering'

It sounds like the show that already has fans reaching for the tissues will be back at it.
/ Source: TODAY

Tonight’s episode of “This Is Us” will hit viewers hard.

“Pain and suffering,” Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin on the hit NBC drama, told “Entertainment Tonight” about the emotions the episode, which he directed, will bring out in fans.

The episode focuses on Chrissy Metz's Kate, whose marriage to Toby is spiraling downward, and the issues she had as a teenager with her boyfriend, Marc. The problems in that romance have been teased in the past, but we haven’t learned any specifics.

"I think you'll relate to it in a way where we've all been in a situation that you know you should get out of, in your heart of hearts,” Hartley said of tonight’s episode.

“And your friends might know it and everyone's just hoping that you make the right decision but you just don't do it. That's where we find (Kate). It's not a healthy thing and it's not good."

Hartley says Kate’s situation isn’t unique to her.

"I don't think that it's one of those things that never happens to people," he said. "It's something that happens to people all the time and people are just afraid to speak their mind. Then you see the long-term effect of every relationship you've ever had in your life and it's like, wow, you have the choice and power to make things better for yourself. We see her in that place."

You can catch “This Is Us” Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT.