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Justin Bieber's latest driving scandal caught on video

Justin Bieber behind the wheel.

Justin Bieber and driving haven't mixed well for some time, but a new video taken late Monday night appears to show him striking a member of the paparazzi who ignores requests to clear out of the road.

In the video (warning: vulgarities) taken outside the L.A. comedy club The Laugh Factory, Bieber is shown climbing into his white Ferrari, surrounded by flashing lights from photographers.

A security guard insists repeatedly, "Y'all have to back up." Bieber -- wearing sunglasses despite the late hour -- appears to wait until the coast seems clear, then revs the car and pulls out of his parking space in a halting manner. The security guard is briefly bumped in that initial attempt at exiting.

Bieber is then blocked in by another car, and eventually pulls around it, racing off and briefly striking a paparazzo still lingering in the street. The man falls to the ground, clutching his knee as the car disappears down the road.

The moment of alleged impact.

WENN news reported that police were called to the scene, where the photographer reportedly had suffered a leg injury and was taken to the hospital for treatment.

A spokesperson for Bieber said he had no comment at this time. The Los Angeles Police Department have only confirmed that an incident occurred on Monday night with Bieber, and have not released details, according to KCAL-TV.

This story is still developing; check back for updates.