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Justin Bieber's earnings stolen during concert heist

Foto24 / Today
Justin Bieber performs at FNB Stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, on May 12.

While Justin Bieber was serenading Johannesburg, South Africa, during a Mother’s Day concert, criminals reportedly were hard at work pulling off an elaborate heist backstage.

According to the local Eyewitness News, a group of suspects executed an "Ocean’s 11"-type stunt involving ropes and chisels to lower themselves into a safe room at the FNB stadium. They made off with the night’s concert earnings, which TMZ estimates to be approximately $330,000 in cash.

The suspects managed to pull off the break-in undetected Sunday, and it was not until Monday morning that stadium management and concert promoters were made aware. Police, forensic experts and security company officials placed the stadium on lockdown later Monday to investigate.