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Justin Bieber rubs fan's phone on his genitals during concert


Justin Bieber keeps disrespecting his fans -- and horrifying their mothers.

Bieber's formerly squeaky clean image took another hit on Tuesday when, during a concert in Newark, N.J., he stuck a fan's iPhone, which had been tossed onto the stage, down his pants. Last week, Bieber came under fire for allegedly spitting off a balcony in Toronto onto fans below him. 

Bieber, 19, who is currently in the middle of his "Believe" tour, had asked the audience to refrain from throwing items onto the stage while he was performing. No sooner had he finished defining the word "refrain" for vocabulary-challenged fans than someone in the crowd threw a smartphone at the Biebs. 

"I said don't throw stuff on stage and this is what they ... they throw a phone on stage. I do need a new iPhone," Bieber says before stuffing the smartphone down his shiny pants. He proceeded to rub the phone around his nether regions before tossing it back into the audience. (We're sure the lucky fan who caught the phone is currently sleeping with it under her pillow.) 

Bieber has a habit of having fun with phones that have been thrown onstage at his concerts. In November, he snapped a few selfies with an iPhone that was chucked at him by a fan. 

"We're not going to just keep throwing cell phones up here and just expecting everyone to just get pictures," he told the crowd before kicking all other cell phones off the stage and threatening to break them. "I'll never do that again so don't try it." 

Apparently the phone-tossing fan from Tuesday night didn't get the memo.