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Justin Bieber makes 'Simpsons' cameo appearance

Justin Bieber has added another first to add to his long list of career milestones: He can now be added to the gallery of stars who have made cameo appearances on the long-running FOX series "The Simpsons."

On Sunday night, Bieber -- who in past months has experienced a series of embarrassing headlines related to overenthusiastic fans, uncooperative bouncers and other monkeyshines -- at last did something non-controversial when he showed up as himself on the episode "The Fabulous Faker Boy."

In the episode, Bieber, complete with long, wavy bangs, tries to get into a children's talent show, and is turned away by yet another bouncer who doesn't get him. "That's another 25 bucks we'll never see. God!" cartoon Bieber says in exasperation, then walks off.

Directly afterward, an on-screen note alerted viewers of an "all clear," saying "'The Simpsons' will be Bieber-free from this point on."

The pop singer seemed to be happy with the whole experience, and tweeted a shot of his character on Thursday while referring to Dan Kanter, his guitarist and musical director, in his comment: "Wait. Is that @dankanter creepin in the back? Haha."

"Simpsons" producer Al Jean told Rolling Stone, "It's just a cameo. This sentence is longer than his appearance."

He added that Bieber can thank "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening for his appearance. "I think he has a family member who was a fan," said Jean. "I think he's a fan, too. So he asked us to find a place to use him. I think (Bieber) had also met Matt and wanted to be on the show."

Of course, Bieber wasn't the only guest star on Sunday's episode; also making voice appearances were Bill Hader of "Saturday Night Live," Jane Krakowski of "30 Rock: and Patrick Stewart of "Star Trek: The Next Generation."