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Justin Bieber hit with water bottle during concert

Pop star Justin Bieber was not happy on Saturday after he was hit with a water bottle during a concert in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on his "Believe" tour. 

While Bieber was singing "Boyfriend," a bottle came flying from the left side and hit the 19-year-old, causing him to drop his microphone. Rather than continue the show, Bieber gave an angry look before walking off and ending the concert.

Afterward, he made no mention of the incident on Twitter, and merely thanked his fans.



This isn't the first time Bieber was hit by things thrown by an audience member. In 2010, the singer was also knocked in the noggin, but reacted much more positively. 

"Owww! That didn't feel good! I don't know why she just threw that at me, but I love you guys," he said before continuing with his appearance.