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Julie Andrews gives blessing to new 'Mary Poppins' movie: 'It's time'

Considering she won an Oscar for playing the role in 1965, her answer might surprise you!
/ Source: TODAY

Julie Andrews, who just turned 80, is a multitalented, much-beloved star — who won her one and only Oscar in 1965 for playing "Mary Poppins."

But you might be surprised by how she feels about Disney's plans for new "Mary Poppins" movies. Entertainment Weekly reported in September that the seven additional "Poppins" books from P.L. Travers are being developed, and the clock will spin forward in the new edition 20 years.

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So how does Andrews feel about it? "It's been 50 years since [the original] came out," she said during a visit to TODAY on Thursday with daughter Emma Walton-Hamilton to promote their new book, "A Very Fairy Princess: A Spooky, Sparkly Halloween." "So I think it's time."

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At the moment, though, Andrews doesn't have any more information than has already been released, though she does have some thoughts as to who should play the new Mary. Not that she'll reveal them.

"I've got a lot [of theories]," she allowed, "but I'm not sure which [story] they'll go for or how they'll shape it."

Later on in the show, however, when asked if she'd heard that Anne Hathaway (with whom she starred in "The Princess Diaries") might be in the running Andrews chuckled. "She sings wonderfully and she's so talented. She can do anything," she said.

Whatever happens, it's nice to see that the original is a fan!

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