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Julianne Hough doing fine after hospital visit

Julianne Hough is “fine” following her visit to a hospital after experiencing abdominal pains Tuesday night after “Dancing With the Stars,” according to a rep.
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Julianne Hough is “fine” following her visit to a hospital on Tuesday night after “Dancing With the Stars,” a rep for the star told Access Hollywood.

Hough was released from the hospital last night and is now home, the rep said.

The blonde professional dancer, who this season has been partnered with former “Hannah Montana” star Cody Linley, was taken to the hospital after experiencing abdominal pains on Tuesday evening.

Hough hit her blog on Tuesday to explain to her fans what happened.

“I didn’t feel well the whole day,” Hough blogged. “But I’m a trooper. I didn’t tell anyone. I didn’t want to be dramatic about things. Actually, I was all right while I taped a performance of ‘My Hallelujah Song’ and I was not too bad as I went in to transform myself into Lucy. But then, oh boy.”

Hough said she took to the “DWTS” stage on Tuesday night, for a repeat performance of her jitterbug with Linley, “in so much pain.”

“Afterward, I went backstage and curled up in a ball,” she wrote. “That’s when everyone said I needed to go to the hospital. I didn’t collapse as some reports indicated … It’s weird how I danced through it, how when you have to do something you forget about not feeling well or any kind of pain. But the minute I stopped, it hit me.”

Though she was in pain, the dancer managed to change out of her “I Love Lucy”-style “Dancing” costume before making a trip to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Hough wrote that a host of TV cameras were already outside of the hospital as she arrived. Inside, however, she faced a different kind of drama.

“They didn’t have a space to give me my own room. They put me in the hallway with a curtain thing separating us. We heard people scream,” she wrote. “It was an awful experience to hear people in that kind of agony. I’d never been in an emergency room before. I was grateful I wasn’t there for anything more serious than a bad stomachache.”

Hough “will not be missing any of ‘DWTS’” her rep told Access Hollywood, and the dancer said she’s ready to go for next week’s ballroom number.

“Cody and I got the Samba. I’m excited. I think Cody’s up to it,” she wrote.