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Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks play newlyweds on Letterman

Actress Julia Roberts appeared on “Late Show With David Letterman” Thursday night to promote her new film, “Larry Crowne.” But much to Roberts’ surprise, she soon found herself sharing the late-night spotlight with co-star Tom Hanks.

Just as Letterman asked Roberts to take part in a little quiz, Hanks crashed the stage, yelling, “Can I play? Can I play?”

While the segment came as a shock to Roberts, Letterman and Hanks clearly worked on the bit ahead of time. The result was a side-splitting spin on “The Newlywed Game,” wherein the “Pretty Woman” star had to answer personal questions about Hanks correctly. That, of course, turned out to be an nearly impossible task, as the affable actor had a perfect punch line at the ready for every question.

When Letterman asked who Hanks considered to be the finest actor of his generation, Roberts had no idea the answer on the card would be “Tom Hanks!” She was even more surprised to see that his response to a query about his age would simply be the non sequitur “in the a--.”

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