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Julia Roberts on the outs with an in-law

‘Pretty Woman’ star thinks her husband is enabling his sister Jyl, who has a history of rehab and DUI arrests.
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The ongoing struggles of one in-law are just too much for Julia Roberts to handle. According to the National Enquirer, the actress is fed up with her husband Danny Moder’s booze-battling sister and her latest cry for help.

When Julia heard news that a fire broke out her sister-in-law’s home, she urged her husband not to reach out to his sibling, claims one family insider. His sister Jyl’s problems “continually chip away at (Julia and Danny’s) marriage.” An insider insists, “Some of their biggest fights have been over Jyl.”

Jyl’s past includes multiple rehab stints and three DUI busts, reports the Enquirer. It’s believed she was intoxicated at the time of the latest incident “and accidentally knocked over some candles — lighting a rug on fire.”

“Instead of letting Danny rush to his sister’s side, Julia put her foot down and insisted his place was with her and the kids.” Julia’s even delaying the Moder family’s efforts for an intervention, according to the source. “Julia’s making a bad situation even worse. She wants to handle the situation personally — but not until she’s done filming (her latest flick, ‘Duplicity’).”

Apparently the bad blood’s brewed between Julia and Jyl for a long time. “(Jyl’s) always thought Julia stole Danny away from his first wife, Vera, and even once called her ‘the devil’ at a family wedding.”

Nicole struggles with the solo actThe stress and obligations of motherhood are taking their toll on Nicole Richie. With her partner, Joel Madden, temporarily out of the picture, In Touch reports that the single parent routine is only making matters worse for “The Simple Life” star.

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“Nicole adores her daughter more than anything in the world,” a friend told the magazine. “She’s just finding it a bit overwhelming being a mom 24/7.”

Nicole’s baby blues kicked in after Joel left home for a world tour with his band, Good Charlotte. “Nicole would be happier if he just focused on his clothing line,” another pal shared. “His music takes him away from her and it’s difficult for her to be watching the baby alone while he’s out touring.”

Adding to Nicole’s stress is her desire to be a hands-on mom to daughter Harlow and not just leave her with sitters. “Nicole doesn’t have a full-time nanny, so she’s watching the baby around the clock and it has taken a toll,” said the friend.

Dish on the flySpeaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, Donald Sutherland opened up about his son’s recent jail time and how difficult it was for the “24” star. “Jail was tough for (Kiefer),” Donald confessed. “He had 48 days inside, 23 hours a day in solitary. It was very, very cold. There were no windows. He had no community.” … When Katherine Heigl first met her “Grey’s Anatomy” co-star T.R. Knight, she had no idea he was gay. That’s why, according to a quote on Ireland On-Line, Katherine spent so much time flirting with him. “When we were filming the pilot, I was single and so was he and I kind of had my eye on him,” the “Knocked Up” actress confessed. “I was getting nowhere and I was super confused. I was like, ‘Hello? Do I have something hanging out of my nose? Why aren’t you paying any attention to me?’ Needless to say, it quickly became a friendship once he told me.”

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