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Julia is having the time of her life on Broadway

Star managing marriage, family and success off the silver screen
/ Source: Access Hollywood

With Julia Roberts starring in her first Broadway show, she looks poised, confident and completely at home on the stage…not to mention fabulous in the show!

Julia is back!

"I'm out of practice doing this, I just realized," Julia told us. "I just kind of tensed up."

You’d never know it! Julia's charm is as natural as ever. Dressed in a conservative cream sweater with her auburn hair pulled back, Julia only allowed Access' Tony Potts into her new home – Broadway – where she stars in "Three Days of Rain."

"I come last night to the show and I look in here (at the playbill), and apparently you haven't done much work," Tony joked. "Compared to your co-stars, how did you get this gig? I'm looking in this thing, you've got the shortest bio!"

"I have the shortest bio," Julia said, laughing.

"How did you get this gig?" Tony asked.

"Sucking up to the director," Julia said, laughing some more.

But even after two years away from all things thespian, it's not performing again that Roberts finds fulfilling.

"How much fun is that, for you to sit back and look and go, I'm doing Broadway, I've got a great husband, great career, and there are my kids running around?" Tony asked.

"No, it's heaven truly," Julia said. "I mean, we were rehearsing one day, and we had just moved into the theater and it was dark out here, and I was on stage, and all of the sudden, I hear, 'Mama!' And Hazel had come in and in the dark just to hear this little voice, and it's incredibly amazing."

"Is it tough to leave the home life? Uproot everybody, and the routines you have," Tony asked.

"Well, it's a family decision, definitely, we sort of had to agree on it as a family, but I'm lucky, like my kids are here, and you know, they have a little playroom upstairs," Julia explained.

Yes, twins Phinnaeus and Hazel spend almost as much time at the theater as Julia. And husband Danny Moder supports her all the way.

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"How important has it been to you and what has it meant to you, his support, for you doing this, moving here, with the kids, the whole nine yards?" Tony wondered.

"Well, it's vital, I think, in anything, in any kind of partnership, that support for the day, for a job, for an effort, it's paramount to joy," Julia explained.

The foursome just relocated from a quiet, secluded life in New Mexico to New York City.

"Was there a point in the last three or four years where you thought, I'm kind of done with Hollywood?" Tony asked. "I've got kids, I've got a husband, maybe once in a while, I'll do a play, and I'm just going to kind of hang out and take myself out of the vicious circle?"

"Well, except that the circle will exist and pull you into it whether you're working or not!" Julia said. "I mean, I haven't worked for two years, that doesn't mean I've gone two years without people taking my picture or putting me on the cover of a magazine or making me a part of that vicious circle, right, so, it's not the direct cause and effect like that."

One thing's clear. That famous million-watt smile isn't going anywhere.

These are the best times of Julia's life.

"I mean, you don't make a decision, oh, you know what, now I'm going to go for the amazing version of life," Julia said. "But things kind of start to come together in a way, there's a natural syntax to it."

"That was the most serious conversation we've ever had!" Julia said, laughing.

By the way, Julia did all of her own hair and make-up for the interview. No team of stylists for this star!

And Access has so much more with Julia in our interview next week when the down-to-earth actress breaks news on "Ocean's 13" and George Clooney.