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Julia becomes Dave Matthews' ‘Dreamgirl’

Band gets Roberts to appear in her first-ever music video
/ Source: Access Hollywood

Julia Roberts is back!

But you won't find her in any movie theater just yet.

Julia is making her first-ever appearance in a music video, starring in the new Dave Matthews Band video aptly titled "Dreamgirl" (which debuts Wednesday night on VH1).

Access was on the scene for the making of the video to find out what lured the "Pretty Mom" away from her kids.

"I just needed the work," she laughed. "I'm the band mascot."

And although the video is fantasy-based, Dave and Julia were nothing but real on the set.

"Julia needs another mocha and a … what is it?" Dave smiled.

"A soy cappuccino," Roberts replied.

"She needs a soy cappuccino and a mocha," he joked, drawing a laugh from Julia.

And the jokes continued as the two watched the scenes they had just finished shooting.

"This happened to me once before, but it was a Bon Jovi video," she says as they watch the playback.

But no, only the Dave Matthews Band could get new mom Julia to make a cameo.

"I became a fan…well let's back up for a minute. How long have you guys been together?" Julia asked the band.

"Fourteen years," violinist Boyd Tinsley answered.

"Okay, so I became a fan thirteen-and-a-half years ago," she smiled.