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Judi Dench says she skinny-dips often, recalls filming memorable nude scene in fun interview

The beloved 86-year-old actor laid it all on the table during a recent podcast appearance.
/ Source: TODAY

While reminiscing on one of her past roles, Dame Judi Dench revealed one fun fact about her swimming preference.

During her appearance on a recent episode of the “That’s After Life!” podcast, the 86-year-old was asked by co-host and journalist Esther Rantzen if she was comfortable with nudism. The question sparked an old memory from filming a scene in 1978 film “Langrishe, Go Down,” which she starred in alongside Jeremy Irons. His character had to lick whipped cream off of her nipples, she said.

“Well, I do know the feeling of taking your clothes off is just heaven, isn’t it?” she told Rantzen. “I had to do it in a film though ... a passionate scene with Jeremy Irons, where she puts cream on her nipples and he licks it off."

"After we had done the scene, we came out and it was tea time," she chuckled. "The caterers made meringues for everybody."

Once Dench managed to stop laughing, she quipped, "That was very, very nice — well, for us.”

While on the topic, the conversation shifted to skinny-dipping. Rantzen revealed that she skinny-dips "whenever possible" and said to Dench, "You must've done that."

"Well, I do that because we’re lucky and we have a pool, so you can quietly do it sometimes if somebody isn’t going to come around, certainly," Dench replied.

“I don’t want to be caught at it," she added, laughing once more.

"Langrishe, Go Down," based on an Irish novel of the same name by Aidan Higgins, tells the story of a German student named Otto Beck, played by Irons, who stays with three sisters, one of whom is played by Dench, in their deteriorating mansion in Ireland. According to Irish outlet RTÉ, the film was initially banned by the Irish film censor for its nudity.

While Dench can look back on the moment now and laugh, in 2003, when the film was on the precipice of being re-released in British cinemas, she was allegedly not happy about the prospect, The Guardian reported at the time.

Judi Dench stars as Imogen Langrishe and Jeremy Irons as Otto Beck in "Langrishe Go Down."Alamy Stock Photo

The movie's American producer Max Rosenberg reportedly said of the re-release: “I've been in touch with Judi about it. She didn't mind about the nude scenes at the time, but now she doesn't like it one bit. But there's nothing she can do about it.”

Earlier in the podcast, Dench had a moment to reflect on another career highlight — when she made history in last year as the oldest person on the cover of British Vogue at age 85.

Dench told Rantzen that she “had the most glorious time doing” the Vogue shoot.

“They put me on a box in a floaty dress, and they said, ‘Now just put your arms up!’ and they had two wind machines and I thought I was in heaven,” she recalled. “When they printed it, you could see the box I was standing on.”